SNEAKY Peek at Bang of Sun’s new demo, Tomorrow’s live show, One Coin CD Promotion

photoWell….my bedroom will soon be free of Bang of Sun EPs. That means we are down to our last handful! They will be available tomorrow night at Varit when we play this SUPER, EPIC, MULTIBAND, FREE (ANOTHER BIG WORD) EXCHANGE event:

Bang of Sun plays at 21:20. We are banging two new songs too!

So anyway, the about the EP: 5 original songs, an artfully designed insert, access to secret material and MORE* can be yours for a 1 COIN DONATION. “An entire EP? they are asking. “Have you gone mad?”, they are asking. The answer is  “yes”. There is no punchline to this obviously distressing state of affairs, BUT your shiny coins will make us smile, and you will be granted access to some private areas of our minds to satisfy your own twisted curiosity. See you there!!!

P.S The new demo is called “Sparring”. Tell us what you think!

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