The Tooth Fairy’s Secret Stockpile: The Inclination

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Here is the milk teeth (original) demo of The Inclination:

Click here -> 2011-11-09 The Inclination

About the song

Chad: The Inclination started as a layering of around 40 tracks. After stripping down 25 of them, I let it sit for some weeks, before attempting some riffs over the top. After throwing it back and forth with Pablo, we finally had something that looked like a track, along with a theme: those poor guys that jump on the tracks at the JR.

Pablo: This song evolved from a discussion I had with Chad about found sounds. Before starting Bang of Sun with Chad, I used to make my own albums using Ableton Live and various instruments. I used found sounds extensively, like, recording stuff and then putting those samples into the song. Samples of crows cawing or cars driving past or the jingle that plays at JR whenever a train is coming. Sometimes I built a whole song around the found sound. It’d been a while since I had done that, so I promptly recorded my arrival at the JR Kakogawa station and my descent to the ticket gates. Then… we had Rule of 3 ready to go by then and were talking about making an intro. I used the same chords as the verse of Rule of 3 initially… but then I added an extra bit that had different notes. I started thinking “Hmmm… this is becoming a song in its own right.” Then, one night, while jotting down my ideas, I guess I ended up layering the hell out of it… to something like 40 tracks… to the point that I think I might’ve stumbled into the same kind of territory that Mozart does in the movie “Amadeus”, where Salieri tells the King that there are “too many notes”. Haha. Chad took on the challenge of unraveling Gordian Knot that I’d presented to him. This milk teeth demo is one of the more “listenable” early attempts. This was also the first time we’d decided upon the theme of someone being so bleaked out that they’d have “the inclination” to jump in front of a JR train. I see it as like a dark take on the ultimate, extrapolated feeling of frustration that is there as the underbelly of King Kaput.

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