The Tooth Fairy’s Secret Stockpile: Rule of 3

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Here is an early video of Chad & Pablo playing “Rule of 3” at Dan Hart’s studio, back when Bang of Sun was still a duo and the song had a working title of “Love, Hate & Disinterest”:

Here is a video of the song when Nobo was still playing bass with us:

About the song

Chad: This song is about parenting. Partly a result of the experiences that have shaped me, and partly a warning to myself about the need to give and be loved at every step of the journey.

Pablo: This song goes right back to the start of Bang of Sun, back when we were still a duo playing in parks and fighting mosquitoes, snow & the blistering sauna that is a Japanese summer. It’s the only song from our early repertoire that made it onto the “Teething” EP. Chad wrote the song & together we fleshed out the structure, adding bits & pieces here and there. It’s a deceptively simple song. The sample in the second chorus is an approximation of what we do live in that bit – Chad kicks to some sample on his looper pedal. We’ve had Godzilla, throat-nodulling burps, amongst other funny things. But who better than the skunk of love to talk about love, hate & disinterest, right?

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