Some Bang of Sun photos from the 2012 Kansai Scene Magazine Birthday Bash

Thank you for having us play at your 2012 Birthday Bash, Kansai Scene! We love reading your magazine and it was great to celebrate with you..
Here are some awesome photos of that night.
Chad in his centurion helmet.
Me going a bit gypsy.
The electric frontman of !! 🙂

Thanks to Jodi for dancing up a storm!

Kansai Scene’s Birthday Bash 2012 – Panorama of Absinthe

Chad doing a bit of fretless Roman – get it? (fretless roamin’) – (guitar pun intended)

Bruce commanding the drums!

Thanks for helping us out, Paul Cornwall from Loon Raven! 🙂 Thank you Jodi! 🙂



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