Bang of Sun mini-residency at TRINITY

BAR TRINITY has been gracious enough to give BANG OF SUN a mini-residency. Three live shows on three different dates: the 3rd Sunday of June (6月/19日), the 3rd Sunday of July (7月/17日) & the 3rd Sunday of August (8月/21日). Of course there’ll be 3 different t-shirts to give away to a lucky audience member on each night. Each t-shirt is one-of-a-kind & all you need to do to win it is to buy a drink from the bar (it doesn’t have to be alcoholic), come up to the front of the stage & join in the win-a-t-shirt chugging contest. BAM! Free t-shirt!


Hopefully the Supergun Summer Shows will include some of the new original songs & covers that we’ve been tinkering around with.

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