Bang of Sun playing at the Kansai Scene Magazine anniversary party

e bWe’ve had a ripper week with a couple of Beatles tunes at the Flashback “Beatles night”, and our own show at Kobe’s Varit live house. Come check us out in Osaka this Sunday, 10th of June for this big show.

Just a reminder too that our new EP can be streamed for free from the website, with one free download also available. We are currently finishing up a video for one of the tracks, so look out for that!

Bang of Sun – LIVE at Varit.!

BANG OF SUN – LIVE at BAR Trinity!

Our version of The Cars “Just What I Needed”

Live video of new song “Wail of a Mind”

Recorded at Bar Trinity. Thanks for those who came and who continue to come to our gigs. Here’s most of our newest song.


“Teething” EP to be released on March 30th

Bang of Sun are set to release their first EP (mini album) on March 30th, 3012.

Who wants to win this one-of-a-kind t-shirt? If you do, please come to Polo Dog in Sannomiya this Saturday night… Bang of Sun has a gig and giving away a COOL FREE T-SHIRT is what we do at each gig we play…. this t-shirt is to commemorate Chad’s awesome song “UFWoe”… 🙂

The website got a polish over is slowly getting a make-over in preparation for our imminent CD release. I’ll keep informing you of any significant updates, but in general, almost every page on the site got a bit of a polishing over. Highlights include 2 new press photos that Cristian Townsend took during our February 19th photoshoot in Sannomiya. An easter egg was added, but I’m not saying anything about it just yet: when our EP is released, all will be revealed, I’m sure. 🙂

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